Wednesday, January 9, 2013

GLAM Grooming Class by Tiar Zainal

hello gorgeous...:))

ok..did u u know who is Tiar Zainal ?

for those who already knew him, yup...he was a well-known Make-up Artist and his name was established among celebrities in Malaysia

this is some of his masterpiece i copied from his blog here 

Tiar Zainal with Eja

Linda Jasmine make over on her wedding day by Tiar Zainal

Tiar Zainal with the beautiful Rita Rudaini

 Tiar Zainal wedding make-up on Sari Yanti

So last month on 29th December 2012 
GLAM organised a make up class and we've invited this young, famous and talented Tiar Zainal to handle the workshop and class for us
it is again for our so called Green Leaders Activity day
Besides learning from A-Z how to develop our own online business, GLAM also have this kind of activities which includes fashion, charity and family get together event

Basically we just learn the simple day and night make-up
purposely for meeting clients and for small event

the class started with short and simple introduction by our CDM Hanis Haizi and the class continued by hands on session on Hanis as a model that day..:)
 basic tools u need to have...:)

woww...just look at the list..what i need to know n have...
the concealer, shades, blusher, etc... and 
the brand also being advice by him...Makeup forever, Chanel, Shu Uemura, etc.

i think i need further make up class for this...maybe 1 to 1 session with the expert...:D..
ohh by the way..i still got my free makeup class voucher from my favourite MUA Lin Elier from Lin Natural Beauty and i didn't claim it yet..i think this is the time i have to slot in this session to meet Lin Elier into my schedule...practice make perfect rite !! hehehe

and after the class ended, as usual a group photo is a must..

all under CDM Maisarah Ibrahim who can make it

actually, this is the first time Hanis organize this grooming class.

this kind of class actually one of the important knowledge for us to present well in front of the clients every day.

what Tiar Zainal had taught was a very simple and presentable look yet do-able technique of everyday make up

Insya allah, in February GLAM will organize another grooming class for all our new member..

if u interested to join the next grooming class, just PM or email me k..:)) !!

oohhh....if u wanna know about Tiar Zainal price, u can always PM him in his blogspot or Tiar Zainal facebook k..;))

1 comment:

Linda Ahmad said...

Hi Ada,

I look forward to our class babe! Cepat! Cepat! ;-)
Nnt ada topic nak lin touch, propose or list down jer.

Thanks Ada!

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