Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ho Chi Minh City - Green Day

Alhamdulillah..thanx to Allah...

the trip was awesome and fantastic...we had so much fun there..

i am sure there will be more blog updated about this free trip from our Green team..:))

and i must not left myself behind them..hehhehe..

as u guys know..this was my 1st trip fully sponsored by the company...i can't even imagine how 5 star it was until i am among the qualifiers....hehehehehehe...

this experience really different from my others 'self' sponsored trip...even the flying date is not comes yet, the tourist agent had call me twice to remind me about particulars to be prepared and what not n what must bring while i do not have to think by myself..just prepare what have been told..hehehehehe...

ok..let's start the tells more story than a word..ritee...???...hehehhehhe

with my mentor in business...DDM Nurul and CDM Maisarah

our sporting tourist guide for Group A2..Mr. Sam Teo..he is giving some briefing about the trip

Premium Beautiful Top East Coast agent..lead by DDM Nurul..:))

happy faces to depart..hehehhehe

our meal on board

1st place we visit - HCMC Post Office

the shopping spree started here....hahahahaha

everybody is enjoying the welcoming drink by Equatorial Hotel

this is where we stay for the last 4 days..

the room..

our dinner for the day...

the food so tasty n yummehhh....:))))

bargaining activities Ben Thanh nite market

continue shopping here..hehehe

no caption for this photo..hahhahaha..

catch for the day

i will continue the story soon...have meeting to chair...enjoy reading this entry...:)))))

Some fact u must know about this time trip are:

- we are divided into 4 different group and 3 out of the 4 groups are under CDM Hanis..i am 1 of them...wink..wink..!!!

- 80% qualifiers in CDM Hanis group are the 1st timer...alhamdulillah i am in the rite group...leaders will  make sure we the new member also qualified for free travel package...woww...great leaders rite..!!!

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