Monday, May 16, 2011

Installment payment with CASH PRICE

alohaaaa....dear all reader,

i am now offering u guys for installment payment method with CASH PRICE...

CASH buyer with Installment payment :
RM600++ - RM700++ monthly : up to 3 months only
Total price : RM2000 (s/m)- RM2200 (l-5xl) per set

u can save up to RM200 - RM400 for your set...:)
NORMAL installment payment :

RM200 monthly : up to 12 months
Total price : RM2400 (s/m) - RM2600 (l-5xl)
so..let's take your action now...

grab 1 for your
insya allah pb will prevent...solve..reduce your inner problem

period pain
irregular period flow
back pain
fertility problem
weight control
stretchmark after give birth
wear during confinement period
increase milk supply
re-shape body
breast contur
and many more....

contact me : shuhada - 0139128113/

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