Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mencari rumah sewa di Kuching / Kota Samarahan

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Assalamualaikum and a very good morning,

here are some updates for those who are looking for house to rent near Kota Samarahan, Sarawak or near Kuching area
actually, this is our second house..since we have no plans to move to Kuching at the moment, so we just let the house to be rented

ok..these are some quick information about the house :

Location : 
Palm Villa, Kota Samarahan, Sarawak

Start for rental : 
April 2015

In area : 
22 x 41 build up

Type : 
Double Storey with 4 bedroom and 3 toilets
Separated wet and dry kitchen
Car porch can fit 2 cars
Backyard with laundry spaces
Door and window grill, electricity, fan and lamp installed
Dining table and curtain provided
Near facilities : 
Kedai 1 Malaysia, 
Kedai Dobi, 
10 minutes to UiTM Kota Samarahan campus
10 minutes to UNIMAS campus
15-20 minutes to Kuching Airport and town
5 minutes to Salcra office building
15 minutes to The Summer Shopping Mall

To ask / view the house please contact :
Helmi +6 0198542612
Shuhada +6 0139128113 (myself)

Here are some photos of our house :
(photos taken in May 2014 with 80% completion at that time)
in July 2014, the development completed 100%- i will update the current picture soon

Any inquiries, do drop ur message in our inbox or please ask us to call you for further explanation.

Thanx in regards

Saturday, January 31, 2015

#specialprice sebelum harga naik #gst | Admie Shuhada

ok ok...faham faham...

semua tak suka bila barang yang korang biasa beli tiba2 harga dah lain..kalau makin kurang ok..kalau lagi mahal...hmmm...:-((

the fact is...kitaorg pun tak boleh nak kawal..tapiii harus lah diingat dan ditimbangtara...

harga produk Hai-O selama 22 tahun ni tak pernah naik huhuhu...

just because Malaysia launch the GST, so it affected our products too...sama macam company2 lain...

so..boleh kot u all considerate sikit..yet the quality of our products insyaa Allah masih maintain..jangan lah risau ye !!:-))

to make u all happy..especially my repeating buyers out there..i launch my SPECIAL deals

just for this 4 days before end of January 2015....

sebab start February harga dah lain dah 

so...sape come across my blog sekarang...war2 kan pada yang lain2 n fast grab the opportunity...jimat banyak tu wehhh !!!

#specialprice #exclusiveoffer



#jtxgoldmurah #jtxoilmurah

#jtxpremiummurah #jtxoilmurah


#bioselezasanitarypadmurah #bioselezamurah


Lagi 4 days ye harga ni !!

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