Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mencari rumah sewa di Kuching / Kota Samarahan

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Assalamualaikum and a very good morning,

here are some updates for those who are looking for house to rent near Kota Samarahan, Sarawak or near Kuching area
actually, this is our second house..since we have no plans to move to Kuching at the moment, so we just let the house to be rented

ok..these are some quick information about the house :

Location : 
Palm Villa, Kota Samarahan, Sarawak

Date of completion : 
July 2014

Start for rental : 
October 2014

In area : 
22 x 41 build up

Type : 
Double Storey with 4 bedroom and 3 toilets
Separated wet and dry kitchen
Car porch can fit 2 cars
Backyard with laundry spaces
House grill and wiring job will be done by owner before tenant move in
Near facilities : 
Kedai 1 Malaysia, 
Kedai Dobi, 
10 minutes to UiTM Kota Samarahan campus
10 minutes to UNIMAS campus
15-20 minutes to Kuching Airport and town
5 minutes to Salcra office building
15 minutes to The Summer Shopping Mall

To ask / view the house please contact :
Helmi +6 0198542612
Shuhada +6 0139128113 (myself)

Here are some photos of our house :
(photos taken in May 2014 with 80% completion at that time)
in July 2014, the development completed 100%

Any inquiries, do drop ur message in our inbox or please ask us to call you for further explanation.

Thanx in regards

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hai-O Product | Discount price by Admie Shuhada

Assalamualaikum...salam sejahtera...:-))

Short and quick updates tentang promotion yang daku launch untuk Hari Gaji September 2014

ohhh btw...sales report dari HQ last month menyatakan Mineral Coffee was at the highest ranking...highest demand by customers...and also highest demand by new partner yang baru nak start this business..which mean, bila permintaan ada dan berterusan...orang2 baru yang start business with GLAMPRENEUR akan pilih Mineral Coffee untuk that less risk on getting buyers...even u 0 knowledge in online business...boleh juga get the buyers dengan training yang kami beri...seronok kan hehehehe

these were really a great information kan...why Mineral Coffee ? mesti ada kelebihan dia yang orang suka nak minum dan memberi impact kepada orang yang start the business with this products juga...side income mudah with product murah tapi effective kepada pengguna sape taknak hehehehe !! :-))

Ok..kita back to the topic....apa yang promo this month ye ???

Stay tune and do check this out !!

BB PLus Fish Collagen

Beli sekarang 4 boxes + FREE extra 1 box + FREE 1 bag + FREE postage

Harga normal : RM 900
Harga promosi : RM 600
Jimat : RM300 

Mineral Coffee

Beli sekarang 4 boxes + FREE postage
Harga normal : RM106
Harga promosi : RM 96
Jimat : RM 10

 Biovelocity Sleepmate

Beli sekarang dan nikmati diskaun minimum RM120 untuk setiap unit pembelian + FREE postage + FREE gift
Harga normal : RM 1288 / unit
Harga promosi : RM 1168 / unit
Jimat : RM 120

 Premium Beautiful Classic & Elegance

Beli sekarang set Classic atau set Mixed (Classic dan Elegance) dengan harga promosi + FREE postage + FREE consultation + FREE demo + 2 FREE gift

2 set Classic (in single receipt)
Harga normal : from RM 4,800 (RM 2,400 per set)
Harga promosi : from RM 3,695 (RM 1,847.50 per set)
Jimat : RM 1,105

1 set Classic + 1 set Elegance (in single receipt)

Harga normal : from RM 5,150 (avg RM 2,575 per set)
Harga promosi : from RM 3,960 (avg RM 1,980 per set)
Jimat : RM 1,190

 Marine Essence Skincare Series

Beli sekarang HOME set atau TRAVEL set + FREE postage

HOME set (beauty bar soap, shampoo, toothpaste)

Harga normal : RM 157 / set
Harga promosi : RM 136 / set
Jimat : RM21

TRAVEL set (Body wash, Shampoo, toothpaste)

Harga normal : RM 85 / set
Harga promosi : RM 72 / set
Jimat : RM 13


Biozone Food Purifier
Was RM1750 Now RM1500
** FREE GIFT included from me for 1st 5 customers in September 2014

Demo on Biozone Food Purifier..detoxify, purify, deodorize

Business Opportunity with Green Leaders Academy Malaysia

Start ur own online business with us today as our Sales Manager and get your 1st bonus of

minimum RM3000.00 by 10th October 2014

my hashtag


semua pun murah2 la pendek kata....hehehehehe

Contact me to book n pay on ur payday !!:-)

+60139128113 | | @admiesshuhada

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